Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Lancaster Guardian Competition

I'd like to enter a competition in the local paper, with the theme of 'your favourite place or scene in Lancaster' certainly being a far-reaching one. I've assembled ten photos - both taken previously and especially with this competition in mind - and I would like your thoughts on them. Please comment, as usual, but also vote for your favourite using the panel to the right. Thank you for your help!

Lancaster Cathedral and Ashton Memorial, from the Town Hall

Lancaster Cathedral

Millennium Bridge and River Lune

Bird sculptures on Morecambe prominade

Ashton Memorial from the University of Cumbria

Lancaster Castle in Autumn

Kite flying on Morecambe prominade

Wintry Lancaster, from the University of Cumbria

Conservatory detail, Williamson Park

Lancaster Town Hall, Dalton Square
Please vote for your favourite using the panel on the right. Thank you.

Edited 04/10/11: The poll associated with this entry has now ended.

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