Monday, 26 September 2011

An Interesting Perspective

I recently had the chance to visit Lancaster Town Hall and a rare opportunity to climb it's clock tower for an interesting and unusual view over the Roman city. Here are a selection of the shots I gathered and, despite it being a pretty drab day, I'm pleased with the results. Better light would have made for more dramatic and artistic shots, but one can never be too fussy when presented with a rare opportunity like this.

I bounced light off the ceiling using my flash to avoid glare from the shiny brass and marble of the Grand Staircase

Looking dead-ahead from the clock tower over Dalton Square. Unfortunately the weather miserable and light poor

A view of Lancaster Castle - until this year in use by Her Majesty as a prison - not usually seen

Another rare glimpse: This time at the reverse side of one of four clock faces atop the town hall

I enjoyed the opportunity to photograph the small Cathedral and grand Ashton Memorial in the same frame

A more artistic shot of the city's flag, using the balustrade as an interesting silhouetted frame

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