Friday, 2 December 2011

TUC Strikes

The Trades Union Congress organised a strike march through Lancaster and, seizing the opportunity to grab some crowd shots, I grabbed my camera and went out to photograph the mood of the day.

I took these photographs using the Program Auto (P) mode on my DSLR in order to help my equipment respond to variable light and photography situations. Program Auto mode allows the photographer to make small and fast adjustments to the camera-set aperture and shutter speed using the dial on the camera. This gives an opportunity to adjust oneself to the situation, setting-up position and composure for the best shot without having to worry too much about the workings of the camera.

The march sets-off from Dalton Square. The NUT led the way with their oversized banner.

Some strikers used rather amusing images to lift the mood.

This striking image captures an older RMT union member taking action.

This band led the march through Lancaster, attracting crowds and gathering support.

I used a shallow depth of field to capture the message on this NUT balloon with the crowd scene thrown out of focus in the background.

The march arrives at Lancaster Town Hall

It was a family event with a good atmosphere. This image, taken through the balustrades in Dalton Square, captures a striker alongside a man walking his dog.

Children, off school for the day as many were closed, were given an opportunity to take part.

The rally at Dalton Square, with the statue of Queen Victoria looking over the scene.

For more of my photographs from the TUC march through Lancaster, see this Picasa album.